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01 Oct

National Bullying Prevention Month
PACER Center, Inc.

01 Oct

Child Health Day
Maternal and Child Health Bureau
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

07 Oct

Mental Illness Awareness Week
National Alliance on Mental Illness


Who we are

Haven Corporation is a licensed mental health agency serving at risk-youth since 2006.  

Focused on reducing recidivism, truancy, gang involvement, and drug and alcohol use – our goal is to maximize school and family success for our youth.  Our programs provide sustainable, evidence-based results through cognitive thinking and self-development.

With Haven Corporation, teens learn skills to help them cope with school and academics, cultural identity, family relationships and other adolescent issues. Plus, we teach parents how to become positive role-models and how to avoid negative behavior. learn more


Why Haven?

ha·ven \ˈhā-vən\

1 : a place of safety : refuge

2 : a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions

We at Haven envision a society in which all persons have optimal physical and mental health; where stigma and other barriers to recovery are eliminated.